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….the exploitation of wood carries forth in the world today,
and so i seek for the meaning that comes from my imagination,
while the activity of working wood is one of those that keeps me sane,
just as you are my ‘black jeweled diamond in the rough that hopes for me
–by flp

WoodWriting Haiku Thursday’s

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A Place In The Wood

.your hope embuscads,

what is wood without my touch,

stories told in wood….

—by flp

Speaking of Wood

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Speaking of Wood

.that which is soon seen can never compare,

with the total of what is all-ready before me,

and so i offer thanks to change my view,

having learned that there is more to come…. 


 .maple wood from over four years ago,

sits as i learn patience through the seasons of change,

drying out in the silence of my barn with other’s around,

and i one day hear the wood speaking that all is well….



 .to those who know it can be said that wood talks,

but few there be who have the horizon of imagination,

that comes from breaking through the veil of limits,

while seeing the opportunity that comes from wood….

—by flp

Speaking of Trees and Ancient Wisdom

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Speaking of Trees and Ancient Wisdom

.the ancients had a way of wisdom,

that is not found today within our society,

where asphalt jungles tangle with concrete absurdities,

and all that once had meaning has lost it’s way….


.out here I can come to re-connect with beauties of wisdom,

and as I slow my-self down to hear the silence of these other’s,

the path before me becomes clear for the seeing of one,

mind now remembers to an-other age and the wisdom i beheld….

—by flp

Spigot of Wood Art

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Spigot of Wood Art

.come and enter with me into ‘the world’ of illusion,

where ‘the much’ is not as it seems to be and,

yet ‘the all’ is there before you to be tapped into,

for this is where ‘the silence’ of the woods take hold….



.can a living mind not help but be the creative,

in a place outside the boundaries of time and space,

as the spirit of art that resides within breaks through the veil,

now found a sentient being taking the old to bring forth the new….

—by flp

Where ART Thou!

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Where ART Thou!

.once I stood as heaven’s delight,

all pureness was in my sight,

then I came to earth alone,

now I am on my way back home….

–by flp



—it’s not what lies in the futurity before me, but behind me is the now of my path!

Wood Art Coming Out

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Wood Art Coming Out

.now in the beginning,

i roamed the forest woods,

looking for the likes of such as you,

but alas now I can say that you have found me….

—by flp


More to come in the days ahead.