Acorns Are Telling Of Winter Coming

I’ve noticed today that I now get the opportunity to change the color scheme in my blog header, pretty cool or should I say red is hot! Thanks to all at wordpress for making this possible.

My time is spent as a good part in the forest that surrounds me here and for this I am very happy as to the many occasions that are presented to me as I work with wood. To walk into the woods is as walking into a workspace of many trees all waiting to supply the needs of an unleashed mind set free to take whatever I need and create the glory of rustic furniture. As I do some logging in the woods the time is always right to gather the sundry and yet unique pieces of gnarled trees that make up my wood art.

Lately in my working and walks in the woods I have noticed the many acorns that are starting to fall to the ground floor soon to become a dotted oak nut carpet and waiting to fill the food pantries of squirrels. Though it is fall this is a reminder that winter and snow are yet on the way.


~ by frank on September 27, 2005.

2 Responses to “Acorns Are Telling Of Winter Coming”

  1. Love the warming effect. 🙂 Its less cold here tonight while reading your blog. 😛
    I’m so looking forward to our summer downunder.

  2. Summer, ha, …I guess the time is right for woodstoves and snow as the whole process of winter coming is soon to be. Now that summer is coming your way ‘downunder’ does that mean I’m in winter ‘upover’? 🙂

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