Birch Walkin’

Well it’s time, time to write of places gone by, time to put a place in a space and so here I go. I was over in the Adirondack Mountain region of New York a few weeks ago attending a rustic furniture show up at Blue Mountain Lake and enjoying the weather with a few days to spare after the show. Come Monday I decided to head to Indian Lake and soon found myself in the Moose River Plains Wild Forest and as time was on my side I started walking through the forest. Woods yes, and plenty of silence and just the noise of my boots as they beat a tune of walkin’ crunch as rhymin’ nature joined right in.

Over time I have developed the habit of looking at trees to see what shape or position they are in and this gives a picture of how they are imaging and tells a story of wooden past. So it was not hard as I came upon this scene to see a story of life carrying on in spite of one who had fallin’ and hear the shout, ‘I am overcoming and go on I will’,…. 

100_04501.jpg …., a walkin’ tree who in spite of a comrade who has fallin’. This one grew out of the others stump and yet as one they are linked together. From this point and on the story is in your mind to design as you will, so sit a spell and draw it well, one picture….., but many ways to tell a story and your version is the one that you like best.  

I have always liked birch wood and may this one carry on as time marches on. 


~ by frank on September 30, 2005.

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