If Barns Could Talk

….ah yes, if barns could talk what stories they could tell. My wife and I were gutting out the interior of an old English Barn once when she came across a hand written list of chores to do on a piece of paper. At times like this it becomes so easy to tell a version of a story that you have created and who can say otherwise…., since we all know that barns can’t tell. And so the after finding the note of chores stuffed inside an old timber beam, I can now tell my story of times gone past and how this list of things to do became preserved within the belly of one old barn.

Imagine with me of a teenager at age of twelve who already knew they where thirteen and on this sunny Oct. day had dreams of being someplace else. Not hard to do since I’m thinking thoughts of the same today. Well what better answer to all this list of work then I’ll just take my list and stuff it behind this gunstock beam and then off to play and forget this work, ha, sounds like fun to me. ‘Out of sight is out of mind’ and when asked that evening about the chores, well you know the answer, ”I lost the list” and forget the rest.    Barn #1 

Found this barn sitting over in upstate New York and just had to stop and capture a remembering. I love old barns and feel an intimacy with them that comes from having worked with them in taking them apart and restoring them so that they can go on living into the future. 


~ by frank on October 2, 2005.

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