Wisdom of the Ages


I took this picture recently while out walking and thought about how I was reminded of the 'art of patience'. Since I am working in the woods a big part of the time and also in my workshop I am constantly surrounded by those who are older then myself. You don't work with wood very long without learning patience, while a much grander view of time is soon brought into the scope of your vision.

While viewing this picture I cannot help but think that in reality the picture is looking back at me and saying, ''you think that you are looking at me, but I am the one doing the watching…., I have seen, I am seeing and I will yet see long after you have passed out of view.'' Can it be that what speaks loudest to us is that which we seek to not hear or understand since we want to preserve ourselves fo eternity?

As I labor with wood there is the constant reminder that what I am creating and freeing into furniture and wood art will outlast me and go on and serve future generations.   


~ by frank on April 28, 2006.

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