“Ezra’s Wood Pit”

I took this picture recently of the pulpit / lectrum with some fresh picked daffodils on top.

Concerning how the top was prepped and finished, I can only say with many hours turning into days of planning, machine sanding and hand sanding. Towards the front of the top I hand gouged and sanded out an area for placing a vase of flowers or even a glass or water etc. The underside and topside are filled with a two part polymer wood system which was colored in the process. I have found the polymer wood fillers to be easier to work with then the epoxy systems for fillers and the strength of their bonding is very good while allowing for ease of sanding also. I might add that polymer wood fillers are very user friendly.

Next came the finish which I hand worked and rubbed into the spalted maple top. I like and use tung oil and so began the many coats of rubbing tung oil in, sanding and steel wool. What came next for choice of finish on top of the tung oil was hand rubbing several coats of varnish into the wood again followed by sanding and steel wool.

Concerning the base trunk, I began by debarking and letting the wood set to dry, following up again with machine and hand sanding. My choice of finish on the base was several coats of shellac which I tinted for greater depth of red in color and once again followed up up with more sanding and steel wool between coats.

”Ezra’s Wood Pit”: spalted maple and pine, hand rubbed tung oil, varnish, colored shellac 

Yes this piece is for sale and all serious enquirys can been made by emailing me through the comment section.


~ by frank on May 3, 2006.

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