Red Hat For An English Barn


I took this picture recently as coming out of the forest here into one of our backwood lots.

Oh the grandeur of spring and the richness of color that abounds for all those with eyes to see. Coming out of my woods as I top one last rise of land I am greeted by this sight of my barn and workshop. In the early spring of Apiril and May before all the trees leaf out, there is the welcoming of this sight of red metal, aging grey wood all set against a backdrop of blue skies.

The red leaf maples have started budding although the sugar maples will be the first to leaf. Out in the woods were we are cutting, the poplars have already come out wearing green leafs and every day brings out the new growth, till once again all the trees are fully clothed and lift their hands with shouts of praise.

Although I have learned to give thanks for all the seasons there is a special thanks I give each year at this time for the coming colors and warmth of spring. Being a worker of wood and land there is the smell of fresh sawdust in the air and a chance to wear some soft brown dirt on my hands. 


~ by frank on May 4, 2006.

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