Integrity is: 'the quality or state of being complete. As I was looking at the photo of this bench today the thought crossed my mind of, 'what more could be asked'? Here sits completeness, completed in statement with all surroundings and at peace. Completed as sitting with a boulder of granite, wood and rock as one, complete with the background of trees and nature and all at one.

So it is as time marches on and we lose ourselves in everyday activity that some part of our being, the integrity of our soul is lost amid the hustle of striving to get things done. I was reading last week that the number one sought out word for 2005 was integrity as many sought to understand, and so they went to have a definition of this word from the dictionary. So it is, we seek to understand, so we go and find words written in some book and all the while we miss the point of contact. Integrity is found when no one else is around and the only one looking is your soul, it is in this moment that character speaks and defines ones integrity!

FOR SALE:                                                                                                           This plant bench is made of pine top which is finished with shellac and three coats of poly plus two coats of hand rubbed varnish. Between coats of finish I have hand rubbed with steel wool. The legs are lillac wood and finished with three coats of hand rubbed poly. 


~ by frank on May 25, 2006.

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