‘Writer’s Block’

….ah yes, empty spaces equal a writers block until I fill that space with an expression of wood.

Here is an interesting piece that I have in the 'work in progress' to be yet completed, just as soon as I see the end. Actually at one time I thought this piece was done and so I placed the work in a show where I recieved many good comments, but in my head I knew there was more. And so for a time I sit and think of what may be and what if, while the sounds of music shape the imagining of you as dancing frills within my head. Just as Orpheus turned and looked at his Eurydice only to see her go into waiting of dark space, and I imagine the image of her must have filled his head for ever on, so you too my 'writer's block' have gone into waiting. Now you sit in silence as I work to resurrect a finished image, one that can be transposed upon your maple grain and legs of oak. Well this too shall yet be, and then only time can tell as the dream of another day might just be the working of this fine day.

This piece has already been through many transformations, once just barely escaping the wood pile so as to be burned in the belly of the woodstove beast for fuel to heat our home. The next step in it's life was that of being used as a pounding and carving bench in my workshop were it developed a much lesser appearance of beauty. Then came the day when I saw elegance in this Lady of Wood, my Eurydice and I knew you to be my 'writer's block'. Many are the hours I have spent with you as my hands have carved, sanded and rubbed tung oil into your skin of maple, while throughout the process you have sat in waiting and never complaining. Even now you sit in silence and wait, all the while knowing and believing that I have your best interest in view until the end of my work has come. In the end, then this too will only be but the beginning of your regaling splendor. Dream on my Eurrydice for I shall yet return for you.      


~ by frank on June 9, 2006.

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