Lucy’s Letter Opener

…so my dearest of sweets, I sent you a letter which you never opened. Blunt and to the point as the pugnacious spirit you are I waited for a reply. This went on, over times counting clock, and time trickled on till in my feverish desire for an answer I decided to send myself. Having prepared myself, just as the beautifully carved envelopes I sent to you, I now encased my spirit inside a work of art. Many were the miles I travelled till out of the woods I came and having notified the town crier of my arrival they brought me to you, my dear Lucy.

Dear Lucy; I began, only to have my words fall silent in the stillness of the moment. After the noise subsided of my falling on a stack of letters much like the one I had become, I waited. And then I listened as you repeated a story to all the lovely letters lying on this wooden desk, ‘how beautiful you all are, you are the most resplendent wrappers of my loves words and how could I ever tear apart his most glorious creations. No, I shall leave them as they are and feel his words inside these envelopes of love’.

…and so time passed on as I grew tired and cramped within my space of living a life all too made up as this Jack in a box. By the way, if anyone should see Lucy, please tell her I left the letter opener on the table at home and could she please open my letters.

One of a kind, but many more from where this one comes:                                              — Letter Opener For Sale —



~ by frank on July 3, 2006.

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