Spalted Maple End Cut

I cut a dying maple tree down about five years ago and since then have been curing some of the trunk in the seasons of New England weather, waiting and waiting . Last year I cut some end slabs to see how the spalting process was going and was well pleased with what I saw. Over the weekend I cut this one, which is the first end cut off a log which I plan to use for sculptured wood art. In the coming days I will post more pictures of the slabbed end cuts and some of the log.

Making wood to spalt is a time consuming process of waiting with patience over several years and then knowing what and when the wood will be ready. This is just the beginning as now comes the sticking and drying for cure, shaping, sanding and finishing. Not all in a days work as ‘waiting’ and ‘patience’ have never left as they both stand still beside me, holding the reins of time till the end is in view.  


~ by frank on July 10, 2006.

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