Dancing With ‘Spalted Maple’

Might I have this dance with you? 

Yes, and may we dance to the music of two hearts entwined as one as my hands practice allowing all that resides within you to come forth into the light of this new day! This practice of allowing and letting go of all that would hinder is a stroke of genius, just as my mallet kisses the chisel to remove all that would betray your inner most beauty.

I split this maple trunk along the seam of decay that you see here over the past weekend by using some oak wooden wedges. After cleaning with a wood spudder and slick I was quite pleased with what I saw as this piece of wood has seasoned very nicely over time. I have already cut some slabs off the end which had ‘spalted’ and which I will use for ‘wood art’. My original intention was to use what remained and cut some slabs lengthwise for rustic benches, however now I am planing to let this trunk be a free standing form of wood sculpture.

When working with wood it is better to hear what the wood is saying and then follow by allowing all the good that is within to project out as pleasing to eyes of the beholders, just as I am allowed to give thanks in this artful dance with you.  



~ by frank on July 12, 2006.

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