Smitten By Your Beauty

I must confess that when I first saw you I was captivated with the beauty of your charm and even now there is the delight of coming to know your inner character. Yes, I know that it was my hand that delivered the blow that split you apart from your sister of maple, just as now you both sit apart from each other awaiting your destinies by the hand of a woodsmith. Why just today standing before you and looking into the warmth of your wood I felt the embracing consent of your spirit till even now we both know that you are the one who has smitten me.

I remember how just days ago you were all covered with dark decay and blackness of dirt along the seam from which you were split and now look as you show your beauty for all to see. As I saw you before, so I have studied you to see your ending and so I am driven to allow your purpose for being. I am as one who “reveals mysteries from the darkness and brings the deep darkness into light”. (Job 12:22)

What an enjoyment comes my way from working with wood and allowing all that has been stored up inside the tree to give out comfort and well being to the eyes of the beholder. These large pieces sit well as ‘free form wood sculpture’ in the dens and living rooms or private libraries of homes and studios. Although I have been working with ‘spalted maple’ lately, there are other pieces of wood in my barn that I like working with also, cherry, black walnut, birch, apple, lillac and oak.         


~ by frank on July 14, 2006.

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