Spalted Apple Wood

I first cut this apple tree down in the spring of 2001 when we were clearing some land to put up an English Barn. At that time the tree was home to a nest of fire ants and as you may imagine I was working quite fast to get the work done. After getting the tree down and cut to a rough shape the next step was drying the trunk and for this process the tree sat for two more years while on occasion I worked on debarking.

As you can see from looking in I have spent much time working with rough gouges to hollow out the inside of the trunk. My surprise turned to joy when over the course of this summer I noticed the spalted wood that was left after clearing away the rotted wood.


What comes next one might ask and I would answer by saying that now comes the hours of working with finish gouges and much hand sanding. Already I am thinking of what finish to use for the inside and outside although my drift of mind tends to go for tung oil. I will  post some pictures of the outside in the coming days to bring the size of this piece into better perspective



~ by frank on September 5, 2006.

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