Coming of Age

…much is the anticipation of finishing as I prepare to smooth the outside of your wooden skin. Ah, the process and many steps of detail that lead up to the end result, a finished piece and the joy that comes from seeing a piece of wood show forth it’s inner character of spirit. How majestic you are as you stand regaled in all your beauty before this my red barn door. Feel free to sing with the wind and let the birds of the air carry your song of gladness, the telling to all of your coming of age.  

As I am busy now with the many grits of sandpaper, working at #80 and #100 grit for now, I am thinking of the finish that will fit the wood. I like using tung oil and following up in between coats with #0000 steel wool. Shellac used on top of tung oil can give a very rich color and if the need is there for further protection of the wood I will often follow up with a varnish finish. One of the more desirable effects of using tung oil and shellac is the ease of how I can mix tinted color in and the richness of the accent that this brings to the wood. After all is done and the steel wool is put away then it’s time to move on to light sanding in the #1000 – #2500 grit range while making a sluicy using pumice and rottenstone has it’s place also. All this in the end will remove the gloss sheen and bring forth a matte finish which I find to be very pleasing to the eyes and touch.    


~ by frank on September 8, 2006.

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