Inside Looking Out

I took a picture last week standing at the backside of this apple trunk, from the inside looking out. My imagination tends to run free and wander far at times so this being the case I was not surprised when the words came, ‘inside looking out’.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life as a tree and stand with your feet planted in one spot, seeing the world with all it’s changing seasons pass before you on a daily basis? Farms and farmers would come and go, changing faces and changing hands all in tune with the seasons of change. The woods that surrounded you with all your many friends giving way to the subdivisions of future retirement homes for the masses of many. Where once you knew the kindly vibrations off in the distance of horses as they passed you by pulling logs bound for the homestead, even so now it’s cut the log and off to other distant places. Yes, and so you also, too quickly learned the sound of atv’s as they passed you by, carrying weekend warriors armed with coolers as off they go to play in those woods were all the wildlife and wildflowers have long since departed.

And so this old apple tree just grew tired and hung his head, ‘….my friends are gone and the landscape around me is just too new. Not many come to eat my fruit anymore and even the deer are moving on as my apples lie on the ground to rot and decay. I was once known to give laughter and sparkle to a childs face, but that was then and this is now. Why even now I can feel this disease that eats at my inside till I am become the home to these fire ants that eat right through me.’ And so this ancient of trees soon died, some might say from the disease of progress and decay, but I believe he died long before from the sadness of being outdated.

And so once again I ask, have you ever wondered what it would be, to liken yourself as a tree and stand inside this trunk of gold and see as this one has seen? 

”September sunshine….The hovering dragonfly’s, Shimmering shadow”  –Karo     


~ by frank on September 11, 2006.

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