Slab of Willow

I’ve been quite busy at the farm lately with fall already under way and plenty to do around here in preparation for the coming wintry blasts of chilling, thrilling icy snows. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention the changing of the colors that takes place in NH at this time of year as the leaves come forth in all their most glorious colors. In the coming weeks I will show some of the colors of the woods and countryside around here.

While I was out travelling earlier this week in and about central NH I happened to come across this diseased Willow tree that had just that morning been taken down. The tree was lying in the yard, while the trunk was still standing at close to five feet in height and calling for help. Needless to say, I heard the cry of distress so stopping and inquiring as to the willow’s future destiny I was told that if I wanted to haul the wood away I could have all of the tree. Never wasting time I spent the afternoon cutting up the larger part of the tree and branches for firewood and hauling the wood home to split and stack for fuel to feed our three woodstoves.

Coming back the next morning, it was time to start cutting that trunk while being on the outlook for some good slabs of wood. When cutting a tree trunk for slabs it helps to have a good saw and yes that is where my Husqvarna 395xp comes in handy. The Husqvarna 395xp, rated at 7.1 hp and with a 36 inch bar comes into use often enough around the farm and can make a job like this end with some useful slabs for future works of art. In the end there is wood to feed the three beasts and their belly’s and in turn warm my home in winter, while this tree will yet live on for future generations to admire and use.

Now I store the wooden slabs for even drying and wait with patience while dreaming of what this pictured slab and the others shall yet become.


~ by frank on September 17, 2006.

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