Walkabout of the Heart

….out in the woods in the cool of the day, i have walked with one who walked my way!         
We chased the color of a tree, and followed a stream that begged us free.

….while out in the course of walk we sought to make, here we stopped and stared at a gaping trunk our soul to take!                                                                                                       
You call to me by saying thoughts of enter in and know, and i as ancient fear not entering to know the beauty of your inner glow.

….so this is where our worlds collide and i must now depart, to better views and deeper horizons in times of heavenly placed art!                                                                                        
What has been and we have shared is but the start of more to come, where no more passing tense or future delays can bar the path to yonder home.

….go now my sweetness of one i have known, as entering in where beating hearts all beat as one!
And Divine Love smiles in approval with arms opened wide, ‘you who have walked about and now return to where none can divide’.


~ by frank on October 1, 2006.

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