….more Spalted Maple Wood Art!

….my beginning!

….reaching toward my goal of glory!

Well here is a piece I decided to work with and try some color on before applying the finish. Both pieces are maple that I allowed to weather outside for five years and then cut into slabs this past summer.

The piece of maple on the bottom is not finished yet and I am still deciding on a base or whether to turn into an object of wall art. While cutting these slabs I often get chunks of wood that break off and catch my attention and so the story goes here. I happen to call these chunks of wood, slivers or chips off the old block and some of these slivers will reach sizes of 2′ wide and maybe more in length. This one here happens to be roughly 2” in width and 6” high, while the thickness varies.

Some have asked as to how I choose my pieces for wood art and what is the factor I use as to knowing what to discard for the kindling box. The only way to answer this is by saying that it’s all in the eye and heart of the beholder, and so when looking I often see what can be. In that moment of now as I call it, I often see the beauty of a piece already well on it’s way to being done. What remains after this is the hours, days, weeks, months and even years that go into keeping that vision alive as I labor with my hands. I just finished an apple trunk this past weekend that I have labored over with blood, sweat and tears for close to five years in this process of love. The secret in all this is having long term and short term labors of love. I could also say that what is one’s labor of love, can also be realized as goals of glory, in which I create and then stand back as my creation shines forth. 

And so I have in my labors been rewarded with this smaller piece, a silver sliver which I shall call, Tzarina….spalted maple queen as she sits on the chessboard of life, much resplendent in all her glory. And who knows of all the stories she shall have to tell as she sits listening and watching in this process we call life!  


~ by frank on October 17, 2006.

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