….from the moment i first saw you,
i knew you were an eye shinning mine.

…and in that space where ageless attains to mass,
i heard the heavens singing a rhyme.

You knew when you blew that kiss to me,
all the motives behind that longing for.

And who was I standing before my eons door,
when that blast came my soul cried more.

Admiration is such an empty word my dear,
since I saw you the form within I’m empty without.

Your gaze has taken the place of food,
till I’m wasted in thinking as I toss about.

….completed now your beauty is sweet,
i am the admiring one who brought you forth.

….beginning to ending with longing look of understanding,
i now step back for all your wholesome worth.


Desideria” ….apple wood,
spalted apple wood inside,
hand rubbed tung oil finish


~ by frank on November 18, 2006.

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