…more spalted apple wood!

Looking to the inside of “Desideria” there is an abundance of spalted wood. The spalting of the wood that I found here on the inside, combined with the richness of color after appling the finish has left me with a sense of satisfaction of all is now ‘very good’.

For this post today, I will contain myself to talking about the aspect of work that deals with the bringing forth of all her inner beauty. I have already mentioned in an earlier post, “Spalted Apple Wood” as to the time and tools used for hollowing out this piece, although at that time there was still hours, days and weeks to go. I have found that in finishing a piece such as this that as completion nears, it is often that I am lost to the concepts of time and space. As an artist it is all so easy to loose my sense of self as the work or sculpture now draws from me all that is needed for completion. What I have often thought was to be, as I carve and sculpt using my hands to hold a tool is now replaced as the ‘piece of art’ takes hold of me to bring forth what has always been there just waiting for an avenue of expression to get out. I have become the tool that reveals the ‘piece of art’ for all to see.

All the way from starting with slicks, timber framing chisels, adzes, gouges and finishing with brass wire brushes there came the day when I was able to stand back, put away my hand tools and think of finishes. I will say that on the inside of “Desideria” no power tool has ever touched her being and she has been hollowed out all by hand.

I chose to use tung oil to finish the inside of her, which I also cut 50:50 with gum turpentine. The beauty of color and richness that has come out is only surpassed by the depth of ingrained spalted wood and draws the eye of the beholder to give praise to the beauty that she is. While outer beauty is often held in high esteem, here is a ‘piece of art’ where inner beauty and outer beauty have become as one.



~ by frank on November 19, 2006.

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