Can You Say, “the Mouth”

….”the Mouth”, originally uploaded by RusticWoodArt.


Can You Say, “the Mouth”

I am resolved to hold my words no longer,                                     
just as no longer solver of words am I.

….i saw how upon opening your mouth,                                         
you spewed forth a wordy mind spittle of mine.

….you called my name and running i came,                                      
till now i’m sorry i ever played at your house.

….giver of words that filled my head with dread,                                
your words chased me as a cat does a mouse.

….who was i to then know your intense intent,                             
while over time you raped my mind of all content.  

….i plied your words a furrow to create,                                          
you farrowed my mind with insane abate.

….emptier of minds by emitter of words,                                         
till thoughts of conquering followed your chain of command.

….i ran along the tracks of one called despot,                                  
till morning light came freeing me of constant you be damned.

…. tis better now as i go my way,                                                 
no looking back to that house of past where shadows lurked. 

I’m freer now having left your crowded space,                             
and yes I can say “the Mouth” as I watch you be gobsmacked.


~ by frank on November 27, 2006.

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