I found this piece of wood while walking the northern shore line of Moosehead Lake in Maine some years ago. Often when I go off camping and there is a lake in front of me, I canoe the shore line looking for those pieces of driftwood that are washed up on the shore. Well when I saw this piece I didn’t know what it would become, but I did see that therein lay a piece of art.

Here recently I saw the form of a fish and so I proceeded to make this into an art form for a wall hanging. I have highlighted some areas of the wood with acrylic paint and then have brushed many, many layers of tinted shellac and then just amber shellac onto the wood. In the area of the eye where you will notice the three distinct paint colors, well those are the basics colors that all other highlighted colors are made from.

And yes this piece is for sale and would make a great wall hanging and conversation piece for years to come. While thinking on this, I just thought of how this would be a great gift for that special fisherman you know, who still is lacking that trophy fish!

For further inquires, please reply through the comment box and I will answer your questions.

Thank you. 


~ by frank on December 4, 2006.

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