“Expectant Creatures of Wood”


And so sitting here now as I look around my office again, I see the many creatures that reside with me here and await there be-coming creations of birthed wood art. So many here, that I thought I would group some together and show where some of the dreams start at, as these sit silently waiting and yet are actively engaging my mind on a day to day basis as they throw themselves out to me, begging for existence. For some of my work, this is but one step in many steps and these will usually become test piece’s for colors and finishes, while others experience hours of carving until I see a direction of worth. All go on to being small works of wood art which are the wombs of artistic expression for giving forth larger creations. There are no failures here as character is most challenged when held up to the light of activity and so I create success.

Expectant Creatures of Wood

….morning comes and I give thanks as i sit in this place i call office, where i am surrounded by the creatures who will shortly give birth to creations of art, and how does art spring forth, just as what is the pathway from which the expression begs an audience, if not from the heart of the one who believes enough to see into the what is not yet seen and then say, i have touched the soul of the object and you shall yet be….

And so this is where I am today as I contemplate the ending of 2006 and the ‘ontogenesis’ into 2007. Ontogenesis into 2007 as I take stock of my mind and once again make a pledge that I will not allow any form of stagnation to take root within this place of dwelling I call, ‘the imaginative mind’.

Yes I know that for some, the new year is seen as, “well I just sort of fell into” or more like, “groping into the new year as I don’t have much expectation on my horizon and if I did, well nothing much ever comes my way anyhow.” Have you ever stopped and thought what is wrong with this picture and if you don’t like the picture, well grab a brush and paint a new, as of right now year picture, for 2007.

…………………………………………Now  Therefore>>>>>>>>>>>!!!

Having said that, I can now re-turn, yes I like that, re-turn to that word I used earlier, ‘ontogenesis’. Ontogenesis is the ongoing development of an individual organism as going from its simple beginning to a more complex structure. Now this is where I, you and we as workers of wood come in, and yes as we remember our individual beginnings and those wonder-filled-wood-full stories, we go on. The extra-ordinary desire of that word ‘return’ is that if you are not pleased with where you are going, you can at any time re-turn to a new direction and continue on.

One of the most amazing ‘mind games’ you will ever play with your head, is when you understand that re-turning is not about having to return to a point of starting over. That failure is not an admission of guilty mistake. Failure is only what comes to one who is very active and produces the growth hormone called success! One might say that the artist is his own worst enemy until he//she understands how to ‘turn’ that enemy into a friend and work together for success. Who defines success, is it the critic who speaks as one who thinks they know, because someone, somewhere liked their opinion or maybe the buyers who throw their spare change to see who can dance the best? None of these, nor any others can define my success once I have conquered the raging bull inside me, that would seek to cause me to first of all fight my own self. So then one might ask, just how do you then conquer this raging bull that calls out failure, and therein is the secret. Whereas I once admitted defeat and then knew that I must start over, I now actively re-turn to that one I once ran from, fought with,…. and now I bless, by giving thanks and in so doing I create peace within myself and continue on.

So often when we think of peace we think of non aggression or taking no action and all the while hoping for the best outcome and this is what fear has taught us. Peace is a word as I have come to understand it, that is full of action and is all-ways crying out for more. When I admit to an error, I paint a picture of ‘ugh’ and make way for defeat which then produces failure in my life and this ‘ugh’ story is written in the wood art I create. However once I understand how I give birth to my own peace, by being active, I can therefore know that when, (not if) failure comes in a project, I can now bless this failure as only what comes before the next step of success. Ha! To some I know this will sound mad but the truth just is, that when I am in ‘the process’ then I am most at peace with myself and upon stepping out of that world, I am lost in the madness of needing activity to create.

I dream with an ‘imaginative mind’ that knows no limitations as I look with anticipation, singleness of eye upon 2007 and this sound of joy-full singing I now hear in my ears is the result of having a heart vision of success.

I tell you, if one wants to be active, one must not be afraid of going wrong, one must not be afraid of making mistakes now and then. Many people think that they will become good just by doing no harm— but that’s a lie, and you yourself used to call it that. That way lies stagnation, mediocrity.” –Vincent van Gogh



~ by frank on December 31, 2006.

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