Pine Bark Box


Pine Bark Box

I am posting this picture here as one of many yet to come, as I am planing on showing the ongoing stage of development of this box.

I originally cut this pine tree down last summer as I was cutting trees to clear some land. As I was cutting a pine up for camp firewood a portion of the bark of the tree came off in one section. After looking at the bark up close the idea came to me of making a box out of the bark. Please understand that this bark box is all ‘one piece’ and the sides have been joined at one end by the use of hand cut cherry wood nails or if you prefer, treenails.

To start out with, I took the bark and bent it at three corners to the rough shape of a box and then set it on the ground where I was cutting and then after packing wood around the piece, I quickly forgot about it for awhile. By packing wood around it, I was attempting to retain the shape of a four sided box as the bark dried out.

My next step was to bring the piece of bark into my barn in the fall of 2006 and let the bark continue drying out into shape and all the while remembering to forget the piece once again. That was until last week when I decided that the piece of pine bark was ready to start becoming a ‘one piece pine bark box’.

The assembly of this piece has all been done with hand tools, with the exception of the chain saw that I used to drop the tree. I started out by squaring up the box using a Japanese pull saw and then scribed a bottom into place using birch wood also cut by hand pull saw.

I will describe more of the ongoing process in my next post when I describe how I joined the bark at one corner and also the joining of the birch bottom to the bark box.

What makes this piece so interesting beyond the fact of the box being one strip of bark, is also how I am trying out a new technique for me into the coloring of the outside bark.

….to be continued….


~ by frank on January 8, 2007.

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