Pine Bark Box


“Pine Bark Box”  ….continued….

….okay having said that, let me say it once again, a ‘one piece bark, four sided pine box’….

The bark for this box was stripped off vertical with the tree while still green, actually about three days after I dropped the tree. By getting the bark off right away, the bark will just pop of the tree with a lockback knife. After this the bark will bend easily at three corners and all you need to do then, is secure and stabilize in the rough shape that you are going after. I might add here, that it always helps if you have a short memory and can forget about the piece for a while.

These pieces I am showing here are not of the original bark box, but are from a walk I took yesterday afternoon out into the woods. I found this bark on some pine and to show how easily the bark can be bent, I popped some bark. This is older bark that has been sitting for some time, but still good enough to use for a demonstration and who knows, maybe another ‘one piece bark, four sided pine box is on the way.

I am also enclosing a photo which shows the pine bark box, a strip of vertical pine bark and some of the hand tools that are being used in the construction of this piece of wood art. In some of the future postings here I will also be showing and talking about how I drilled the pine so as to hammer in some hand shaved treenails. For this process I also made an auger for the use of hand drilling.


This is a ‘work in progress’ and so this one is keeping me busy as I have already started coloring one side of the outside pine bark. I have not decided how or with what to color the inside with and so I still have some sitting silence to do. Ha! Sitting down in my office Tuesday morning around 4:00 am and working on it for an hour, has led me to five different colors already. I do like color, so you can expect many divers shades and primary colors.

What could make this exciting for me is that, if I succeed then this will happen as ‘I live before your eyes’ and if I fail, well as I have always said, there are no failures as failing is only the previous step before success.

….to be continued…. 


~ by frank on January 10, 2007.

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