“Wood Burger’s” of Birch


Pine Bark Box”

 chapter 3:

Well the next part of the process in this ongoing story of a pine bark box revolves around getting a bottom all cut and tucked in tight, inside the ‘one piece’ of pine bark.

First step was finding a suitable and dry piece of birch wood to use for the bottom of the box. Usually in the summer months while out in the woods, cutting up those trees I have dropped over the span of the past winter, I will have an abundance of trees and branches that show promising qualities of character. Some of the wood I cut is for slabbing and will be used for rustic table tops, benches and such, while other pieces are for wood art. As you see here in the picture above, sometimes I will cut birch, maple and oak into shapes that I call ‘wood burgers’. These ‘wood burgers’ are then used when I do a show, for keeping the legs of my rustic furniture off the floor and some become coasters for drinks or others become many works of wood art. My use of these ‘wood burgers’ is only limited by how far am I willing to let my imagination go.

And so I decided to use one of these birch ‘wood burgers’ for the bottom of the pine bark box. The next step was just a matter of laying the birch wood flat, with the bark box on top and scribing a line from the inside of the box and around the base. Then I took a pull saw and hand cut the outside of the line and finished up by paring the line with a gouge. The birch bottom was then able to fit up inside the bark box quite snug and still have room for adjustment. From here I move on to the next step of attaching the bottom birch to the box and also attaching that one side of the box at its one corner.

In the next chapter of this story I will show how I hand shaved the cherry treenails, hand drilled the holes for the treenails and bound the one side together, plus attaching the birch bottom to the inside of the pine bark box.

And yes, in the picture I have also included the hand made wood auger and a piece of birch that just might become another ‘one piece round’, birch box!

…to be continued….


~ by frank on January 13, 2007.

One Response to ““Wood Burger’s” of Birch”

  1. I just looked at all 3 of your Art Works, for Jan, 2007, including your writings, and they are simply fabulous. I can see you are “married” to what you love doing so much! You are a real creator with a big heart of Love and a great imagination!

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