“Expressions of Art-Full Truth”

“Expressions of Art-Full Truth”

—the artist will, by will of their own nature and rite of character, be an expression of the art that he//she so creates.

 Do you think that you can separate yourself from the playing field of the gods where you have sought to play? This would be like saying that I can work at my art on an eight to five work day and then I shall go home and be regular joe//jill. And so while thinking you are safe from interruption, the telephone of divine inspiration rings calling to divine imagination and then you answer with a shout of; “don’t bother me now, no-ones at home!” No-Ones at home is just an-other way of saying to ‘truth in art’; “please no-more at this time, my minds all-ready made up”….and so you shut the door on expressions of art-full truth and proceed on your way into the valley of depression!

….out of this shadowed wood place of being i now come, coming forth in all the beauty of my likeness, while others stand close by still unsure of the pleasure of this moment, as i am art-fully cognitive of the rhapsody that my coming forth brings with it….

….i am the wood of playing at all your words, just as those gaping-scarf-able wood joints give me freedom of expletive infixation, since i am knowing of the all how you pegged me after stripping my bark, where i now rest upon this gunstock-ing of a corner-smeggin’-post as a bladed scarf joint….



~ by frank on February 28, 2007.

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