This is going to be an ongoing study in the development of a piece of ‘wood art ‘ as it comes forth in all it’s beauty. In the coming month of May, I will be posting many following updates on this table, that has so taken on the name of Providere.This first drawing is how I originally saw the table and what I thought it might be, but as you will soon learn from the following posts, all things, in the ongoing development of Providere, can change.

I will also be updating and recording a poetic story of Providere, as she tells us of her awakening from the tree of her youth, into this most glorious and beautiful piece of tabled ‘wood art’.

….and so this that is coming forth today,
is a new beginning from the depths of all i am,
and in this now of time placed artistic foray,
i can see into the nature of the seed from whence i came….

long were the ages while i acted from the heights of golden emergence,
till in the coming breathe of fall,
i tumbled to the earth of dusty soil understanding wanting resurgence,
and all the while my roots gave sprawl….

time passed me on as i began the growth of a story tree,
and in this forest of my beginning i watched the many walk on by,
there was the times when smallness of stature had me look up to thee,
but then came those ages when my height could aspect you in the eye….

And so this is how the start begins….

….and more to follow.


~ by frank on April 18, 2007.

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