“Tabitha Cum”



”Tabitha Cum”

-and so you made your incision in metre,
out there in the octaves of wooded living space,
you waited till one such as i came walking by,
and in your patience of never losing hope,

….” i stopped and said, little girl arise….”

-your patience was in the ages of eons,
where golden haired angels of filamentous wispy inspired desire,
cater to the one’s of us who walk with eyes in the sky,
never having a reason beyond the one you gave,

….” i stopped and saw, a living gazelle….”

-tis now the time of your appearing as going out,
when with maple and walnut you merged in oneness,
greyness of morning dawn i saw the likes of all your good,
as doing a dance of beechly richness,

….” i stopped and knew, grace-beauty-gentleness….you are!”



~ by frank on August 10, 2007.

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