“Tsuga canadensis”


Tsuga canadensis”

Here is one piece of ‘wood art’ that I have been trying now for about six years to get inspired over, so I could start to work out what has been in my head now for those years. It sometimes gets a little crowded in my mind with all those images of wood that I see, but just have not found the time to create in my exterior surroundings.

I used some eastern hemlock, (Tsuga canadensis) on a barn I was doing back in 2001 and these pieces are some of what remained after cutting the timber sills. Ha!….when I say ‘some of what remained’ I have to laugh, one could build an-other barn out of the remains, from all the timber I have collected through the years.

….well lets get back to the story here….

Like I said, I cut and then just let the pieces sit outside for about four years and had them just free standing throughout the seasons. I would sit on the bench overlooking our vegetable garden and dream thoughts of summer tomatoes and veggie delights. I all-ways knew what these pieces were going to be, it’s just that the time of inspiration had not yet settled on me and lit the fire-of-desire to complete this bench.

Back around 2006, I brought the pieces inside to my shop to finish drying out….and there they sat and sat. Next came this contest for ‘garden projects’ and so therein lay the inspiration to get this one started and finished….kinda’ like, “get off your butt and get your hands in gear.”

This bench has no-glue, no nails, no-screws and no-mechanical fasteners are used except for wood….

….wood used in this project is eastern hemlock and spruce…..

wood joinery’ used is mortise and tenon, again sticking to my roots of learning as timber framing goes. The two most commonly used ‘wood joints’ in post and beam are the half lap and mortise and tenon….

….finish is tung oil and de-waxed garnett sellac….

And finally I have gotten this one out of my head, out of my barn and out into the air-ways of cyberspace.



~ by frank on August 10, 2007.

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