“A Gathering” of New Hampshire Furniture Masters

Burlingame : Gallery

…. and so yesterday I was over in Exeter, NH at a very fine art gallery; Burlingame : Gallery where I met the directer E. Hilary J. McCann : director.

The gallery is hosting:

MAJORFURNITURE by the New Hampshire Furniture Masters
October 11th – October 19th

So along with the nice sunny ride down to southern NH on a Sunday afternoon and after having an inspiring and stimulating talk with E.Hilary J. McCann, I also was able to spend the afternoon in front of some very good pieces of wood furniture. In the coming days I will be posting some more photos by these masters of furniture and some of their pieces that are being shown here and so I welcome you to come back and look some more at these pieces of art. Also if you happen to be over in the area of Exeter, NH I would extend an invitation to stop by the gallery and see the work of these masters in person.

“The exhibition provides fine furniture lovers with an outstanding opportunity to preview these stunning works in an intimate setting just a week before the items go up for bid at NHFMA’s annual auction on Sunday, October 21st at Wentworth-by-the-Sea in New Castle, NH.” MAJORFURNITURE

Here is the outside of the Burlingame : Gallery as I was walking in….

….and then once upstairs, this is the scene that was presented to me as I walked into the main gallery display area….

….and so turning to the other side of the room, more furniture.

As I said before, I will be posting more pictures of the individual pieces of furniture and also including some of the history of the artists who make these works of art.

Thank you.


~ by frank on October 15, 2007.

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