Maple Slabs

Maple Slabs

So here are a few slabs that I cut in the middle of fall here with a chain-saw, using a 24” bar and chain. The slabs are roughly between 2”-3” thick and were cut in a ‘freehand’ style which I have perfected through trial and error. These are now stickered and stacked outside and I will soon be covering them with plastic tarp during the winter, to finish drying and curing. Hopefully I will be bringing one or two select slabs inside to the workshop, so that over the winter months I can rework the slabs into some bench tops of what I now call ‘free-form wood art’.

Much is going on around here in the shop as I am finishing up some furniture pieces for galleries and then there are always the ideas running through my head, of wanting to explore more into the medium of wood and art. I am working some with colored pencils and wanting to try more into the areas of Japanese art and woodworking, along with the Japanese method of lacqureing or ‘urushi’.

Imagination at this point in my working style, is the avenue for bringing the many images of wood and art together, in what I call ‘wood art’.



~ by frank on November 19, 2007.

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