Bench Image in Wood

Bench Image in Wood

One of the thoughts that often is sifted through my fingers, as I sketch a design that my mind is seeing, is can I as an artist work from an original sketch? What I see now with the eye of seeing imagination, coupled with an abundance of wanting to work-out ‘original thought’, is often later shifted and transposed into some-thing that differs from what was first seen.

Take for instance the image above that I have sketched into the paper and by doing so, one might say a bench is brought forth. I can go on to add that in my mind I see this image already as a bench, needing only to work out the details such as wood species, carving, what type of wood joinery and finish I will use to complete this project of ‘wood art’ as free-form sculpture. And yet even now as I look upon the design I have brought forth, there sounds the alarm within my head, a voice pleading with my hands to take up your pencil and lets draw again….


~ by frank on November 21, 2007.

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