“Birch Burl and more….”

Birch Burl and more….

….what if all your yesterdays were made up by working in wood, and what remained for you to see was the spirit in trees, would your passing along the shores of life be understood, or would you give in to the character of melancholia breeze ….

—such a one just as this came knocking on my door one day, and in my haste to gather time for what i saw as art-full plenty, i answered the knock with stuttered calloused bray, “who comes a knockin’ at my place as seconds close gaps a many?” ….

—imagine my surprise as i faced the gods of cognoscenti standing there, these were the ones i had cast adrift from long ago, since too the forest i sought a place to create ‘wood art’ to share, “we come a callin’ to ask a glimpse of imaginations insightful glow!” ….

….that was then and then what is left is what you see, so take some time and pour it out upon the past, where dreams are forged as warriors of wood still carve a tree, and i still often catch a glimpse of burls amassed in oceans holding future vast ….


~ by frank on November 23, 2007.

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