Explaining Wood

Explaining Wood

Upon entering the empyrean of wood and words, I am often brought face to face with how to explain a piece of ‘wood art’. Words have the capability of exposing the more of what is being said, where pencil and paper come together to create art. Weld a pencil instead of war and by doing so….create, would be a lesson that many could learn today in society.

Weld a pencil and create, is the expression of the artisans heart and where pencil and paper come together with use of words, there can be poetic dreams of art. Weld an instrument for planing wood, against the surface of ingrained wood grains and by doing this act of work, there is brought forth an expression of poetic dreams of ‘wood art’.

Whether I am writing words or composing with wood, the nature of my character is working from the lofty heights of imagination, that long ago seduced me on my path as an artist. Much has been and can be said for imagination, but suffice to say that when all else fails….one can still retain their imagination. Call forth, dig deeply within the caverns of ones soul, for there it is that I have found a wellspring of untarnished delight, that yearns to sing forth into the light of day as all that I am.


~ by frank on November 24, 2007.

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