Working a Piece of Maple

Looking Inside a Maple Trunk

I will be adding some more photos of this work of ‘wood art’, as the work evolves into the more of what is all-ready there inside the wood and waiting to come forth.

I originally took this tree down back in 2001 and have been keeping tabs on the wood as it has been drying and curing. The trunk here has sat for about the first three years outside and uncovered, before I took some more wood off the base and top. The next step was to cover and let the wood dry out some more, along with yearly and seasonal tests to see how the wood was drying and spalting some. Next I covered the wood so as to stop the spalting process, before the wood was to become too punky to work with and also to protect the wood in it’s development of character.

During one of the seasonal checks last week, I was able to feel comfortable with knowing that this piece has finally reached a place, where it now becomes me to start working the wood. The pictures posted here are of the maple wood, as I am just starting to remove excess wood by a maul and timber framing gouge. Most of the work, if not all….will be done by hand from hereon, as this is my much preferred manner of working wood.

The Meat of Maple

~ by frank on June 6, 2008.

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