WoodWriting Haiku Thursday’s

Redolent Tease

….sugar maple wood,

vase of nosegay by beauty,

backdrop weathered grey….

–by flp

And now the rest of the story….so it was that I ended up the day last evening, out here in the temporary shop of an ongoing cabin renovation.

What we see at first glance is not all-ways the whole story and so one can now see from the above captured image, that there is more to this story. I first cut this piece of wood; sugar maple, (Acer sacchrum) off of the trunk of an old tree that was diseased and taken down some weeks ago. The trunk and trunk crown are yet waiting to be chainsaw milled into slabs, which I hope to do soon.

The wood piece which I have posted above, is what I call ‘wood art’ and is a one of a kind that I do and sell, for clients who want something different and full of character. This piece is still in the rough, having been de-barked, roughed out on the inside and lightly sanded. What I will do next is start the procedure over again and roughly go through the above steps once again, paying more attention to small details in the wood.

Once I have the wood piece roughed out and more fine tuned, I will then start working on the finish for this vase. My finishes for such as these usually start with tung oil and, then can include shellac if that is the effect I am after. All my finishes are hand rubbed out and will include many coats, plus sanding down with steel wool.

As I was saying earlier, this is where I ended up after working on some cedar siding and trim, in the bathroom of the cabin here yesterday….and so the artistic nature of my being was waiting to create. Artistic nature is all-ways there, it just waits, sometimes wanting to explode upon the scene and fill a void that awaits a new beginning.

….oh yes, did I fail to to mention what was behind me as I was taking these photos….

I might also mention that art is the who and what I am….my ‘wood art’ gives freedom of expression into the who of that I am. Art is all around and only waits for the chance to come forth into expression, but even if I fail to give that release, the nature of art is still there, willing to give pleasure to whosoever will come and taste. Because art is all around us, it can be found in any scene and medium of our environment and, ….more to come.


~ by frank on June 12, 2008.

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