The Beauty of Crotch Wood

The Beauty of Crotch Wood

So after the winter and then into late spring, we arrive at what has become of the maple crotch slab that was cut by ‘free form’ chainsawing last autumn. I decided to place the maple wood between two slabs of pine, that were also cut last August; ….against a background of a red barn door. This is also before I went inside to my shop and ran the wood through the planer, where in the coming photos the wood has been planed down to a thickness of two and one half inches.

Two views of wood here, while at the same time I can call neither by name of back-side or front-side….but then that is the beauty of working with crotch wood….

….and now the other side of the wood story.

To make this interesting, I thought to close in for a close-up shot of the maple wood here and show what I think are some unique tight knots spaced herein the wood. This is also a very good shot of heartwood and sapwood as it sits within the confines of the tree and how the nature of each is set apart by contrast.

And yes, I started out with a story of what this piece of maple would become….but then while working on the piece two nights ago, an-other story came into mind. So we shall yet see as to what this one will become and I will also be posting more as the work continues.


~ by frank on June 18, 2008.

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