Hello to all;

I am a woodworker in body as my hands bear the marks of my trade, a craftsman who sees and shapes the beauty of wood that others might enjoy and an artist who not only sees to shape by hand and mind, but one who hears by eye of heart and therefore sets free the spirit of the wood in all it’s glorious splendor.

At this present time my wife and I are to be found managing a small farm in what I call the ‘near to north country’ of New England. Our daily tasks are ruled by the changing seasons of weather and time. Even now the season of fall is upon us bringing with it the changing color of the leaves manifesting the glorious beauty of the trees against the land and mountains. I am still working in the woods and dropping some trees which will soon come to an end for this years firewood and furniture and then I start all over again for next year. Soon begins the work of putting the machines of summer to sleep and waking up those who are set on working in winter snows. We now await the sound of howling winter winds and that distant sound of snow falling as one arises in the morning and hears the silence of snow.

I have experienced working with wood in many shapes while wearing various hats of labor and much of what I have labored to do I can attest to the truth that while I have often sought to shape the wood, in essence and nature of being, it has been the tree of wood that has shaped me! I have been the restorer of old houses and lately the art of timber framing by way of removing, transporting and setup of an late 1700’s English Barn on our property. In the past having been a finish carpenter and a user of power tools, this experience of early barn framing has become a love of passion which has taken me back in time to the days of no power tools were I tend to now labor as one who works with his hands in the creation of rustic furniture and tables while seeing also the beauty of some wood that just needs to sit so the viewer can feel free to interpret and draw their own conclusion. This is the beauty of tree art in all it’s dimensions and form.

Just as the seasons of time change so will my ‘about page’ change from time to time and updating of wood art news and photos to follow as I gather and share interesting forms of tree art, many of which are for sale. I will be happy to answer any question I can and please fill free to offer comments over time.

My life is lived and enjoyed to the fullest as I am truly one who has found the peace of God in all that surrounds me and I can declare in union that God is ‘very good’ as I give testimony to the glory of Christ that fills the universe.

Thank you,                                                         Frank

2 Responses to “About”

  1. What a lovely blog you have. Your art is as beautiful as the wood used to create it.

  2. Beautiful words, which I’m sure reflect the beauty of your spirit and connection with your surroundings.
    You are an inspiration. I’m glad that I’ve had the honour of connecting with you, if only through the realm of the internet.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and enlightenment.


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