Here I Go Again….

•June 1, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Here I Go Again….

….gone wandering in my mind,

looking for my-space in the woods,

and as all artist know for sure,

creative minds need creative space….

Wood Art Comes Out

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Wood Art Comes Out

….rock maple heartwood,

gouged out wood decay births space,

soul-of-wood calls out….

–by flp

Checked Knots

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Checked Knots

….and then there is the beauty of knots,

not just any knot to capture your attention,

but a knockin’-rockin’ checked knot in black walnut,

where such originates the intergrown wood of knots as i add color….

Order of Harmony

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Order of Harmony

….life is the essence of all that is be-ing!

Even in death, life is the coming forth of more and as such has no-time to pause between the ticking-of-tock. Life creates and as this creation moves forward, the artist consorts with life in order of harmony….harmony out of chaos, to bring forth a manifestation of art….

WoodWriting Haiku Thursday’s

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….can I speak for WoodArt?

….creatures of the wood,

invading darkness nests light,

winged nascent being….

–by flp

Environs of Wood

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Environs of Wood

….the woodworker seeks a wood to ply his trade,

while out here the tree just sits a spell,

some take the wood out to build a home,

the forest gives homes for those that live in trees….

WoodWriting Haiku Thursday’s

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Splaying For Maple

….one wood as i am,

wood house of the mighty ones,

splayed color environs….

–by flp


And now some more pictures to explain this poetic wood word story….

….and most finely….